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The Way We Support Our Learners

Learning to drive is certainly not cheap; learners are investing a significant amount of both time and money in their personal development. As a result, choosing your tuition-provider is an important decision and initial research should go significantly beyond lesson prices or the make / model of the instructor's car. 

We believe that the most effective way to ensure that learners become safe drivers for life is to provide them with the highest quality of teaching and in-car coaching. Our coaching approach encourages the student to take responsibility for their learning from the outset with the support and guidance of the instructor. Underpinning our approach is the belief that learning should be fun, active and engaging. Learning something new can be exciting but also tricky at times; that is why we do all we can to help learners feel safe, relaxed, listened to and valued on every step of the journey.


Instructors at Hatters AutoDrive are DVSA approved and regulated to ensure that standards remain consistently high. Instructors are DBS checked and cleared, providing learners and their families with the peace of mind that lessons will be safe and professional as well as providing excellent value for money.  

Throughout the learning journey, students are involved in evaluating their own progress and receiving professional feedback on their development. Progress is carefully assessed and recorded to help learners track and monitor their own development. We use an industry-leading App to manage all elements of the learning process; enabling students to access information about their progress and manage communications with their instructor 24/7 via their phone.

Both pupils and parents can manage the learner driving experience seamlessly through the app.  

The practical driving test pass rate remains stubbornly low at 49%; it is clear that too many learners present for tests before they are ready (DVSA, May 2023). At Hatters AutoDrive, we work with learners to ensure that they are driving independently and safely in a range of contexts before they take their driving test. When students are nearing test-standard we provide mock tests to enable the learner to get an authentic experience of 'test day' and to get an important benchmark about test-readiness. As a consequence, when learners take their practical tests with Hatters AutoDrive, we are confident that they are as prepared as possible for the challenges ahead.

Teaching Resources

Image by Collins Lesulie

We offer a wide range of resources to support all students throughout their learning journey


We utilise tablet-based software to enable driving analysis, reflection and development


We have external-facing dash-cams (front and back) to enable instant video playback for driving analysis 

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